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Sabaridas is a visual artist(painting) graduated (2017 April) from the college of fine arts, Bangalore. An artist who believes in excellence rather than mastering academics, he believes in individuality thus his process has led him to the realm of black and white. A person of rational ideology insists on applying the very same onto his work. His works vary from mythology to faith and science to history and to politics.


"Politics has always been cynical and eternal"  


Sabaridas has a few exhibitions to his name

·  Joint exhibition in the Artisteum art gallery, Cochin (2015).

·  Joint exhibition in Kalpavriksha Kammanahalli, Bangalore (2015).

·  Exhibition in Artville cafe HRBR Layout, Bangalore (2017)

·  Poorva joint exhibition, Hutheesingh art gallery Ahmedabad in Nov 2017

·  Joint exhibition at Kanoria center for arts, Ahmedabad - Mar 2018

·  Sabaridas has also been part of Ekam 2017 (Thrissur) a national camp representing college of fine arts, Bangalore.




·  Kanoria Centre for arts July 2017- April 2018

·  Pune in house residency June Aug 2018

·  Artville academy and residency Oct 2018 Feb 2019

·  Artist at artorickshaw@org





My intention of art is to draw the viewer into a world of visual abstraction and vocabulary with manifold layers of meaning often spiritual and often political and thus reflective. For me drawing, as someone said, is a line that went for a walk, thus constructive lines evoking a rhythmic enigma of abstraction. The black and white imagery besides following a series of questions oscillates with the perception of beauty and the reality around oneself to my subjective experience as I live and learn.

'' The purpose of art is to make mankind live its countless manifestations even if the subject matter is death.''
                                                                    - Leo Tolstoy

Art I believe is the greatest manifestation of human power, perhaps a metronome of the society. My drawings are a reflection of the same.
I am part of my DNA, part unknown and part what I experience. This thesis of rational evolved with me in time. Art, as someone said, is a quest to find beauty in everything. perhaps all that glitters is not gold. Indeed to find beauty in all is an epitome of character but to address and confront the countless experience that constitutes life, is a necessity. Remove politics, the world becomes a better place, history teaches us one such lesson. To reflect one's experience, one which is unfiltered one that becomes immortal for subjective reasons, one that is wild as nature. This is my perception of art.

''Art freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics''.
                                    - Victor Pinchuk

Politics is a power game whereas art liberates oneself. The work of art is a scream of freedom. Art plays an active role in reforming society, above all, reforming oneself and hence humankind. Politics has always been eternal and cynical. My work illustrates the very same. Critical of the politics that govern society, I tend to explore the rationale behind the deceiving facade of contemporary politics. My work oscillates with visual metaphor and a coherent statement either factual or political.

A real work of art destroys, in the consciousness of the receiver, the separation between himself and the artist. My work questions a narrative and inculcates a new idea of thought perhaps one which challenges the reality around oneself. A reality that one seeks by reason and not faith.
 To see in color is a delight for the heart but to see in black and white is a delight to the soul. My works seem to be a balance between black and white, as for me its a balance between life and silence. My purpose of drawing, painting or graffiti is to portray a questionable perspective, as truth has infinite perceptions. Our purpose is to constantly question our conscience and seek knowledge.

There is always more to it than meets the eye.

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