Treasured Reminiscence | Student Show 2019

Our memories are an integral part of our existence, they define who we are, they give us a sense of how we grew up, what we leave behind and what we are doing in the present. Without memories our lives would lose its meaning and our existence becomes bleak and absurd. Memories are stories, each and every single person has a story to tell. Our stories bring to us a wide array of emotions and reactions. All these memories and stories come together to become a part of something bigger, an endless expressive journey.

Treasured Reminiscence is an interminable expedition that takes us through different precious memoirs, desires and motivations. Each artwork has a subject that evokes the memory of the artist. It reminds them of a story that they hold close, it reminds them of what keeps them moving forward and it reminds them never to let the past hold them back. When we see the artworks all we see is a part of the story, a stimulus. We might deem it too simple or too little but we barely know the significance and the effect that stimulus has on the artist and how the artist perceives them.

Jerzy Kosinski, a Polish-American novelist, in his collection of essays called Passing By says

“The principle of art is to pause, not bypass. The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke. This requires a moment of pause--a contract with yourself through the object you look at or the page you read. In that moment of pause, I think life expands.”

This is exactly what these stories tend to achieve. To evoke a feeling in you, to evoke memories and to evoke questions even though you are not emotionally connected to the artist or the artwork. We are drawn to the simplicity of the thoughts that are put into the work, we see ourselves in a similar place when we look at these artworks and we take a moment to ponder upon our Treasured Reminiscence.

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