Fees: INR 12000 Quarterly

Artist Level -1 programme is comprised of different modules that focus on certain specific aspects of drawing and painting. Students will have to complete all the modules and finish Creative Thinking and Studio Practice to complete the Artist Level - 1 Certification. However, if the students doesn't require the certification and are only interested in specific modules, you can choose the module that you would like as a short term Modular Programme.

Duration : 24 Sessions(Approximately three months Per medium) 1 hour 15 mins

Topics Covered :

  • Pencil - DURATION ~ 24 Classes

  • Pastels - DURATION ~ 24 Classes

  • Pen and charcoal - DURATION ~ 24 Classes

  • Watercolour - DURATION ~ 24 Classes

  • Oil - DURATION ~ 24 Classes

  • Acrylic - DURATION ~ 24 Classes

  • Creative thinking & Studio practice ~ 12 Classes

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Success Stories


Anushree Bhat | Student

I have been going to artville for almost 3 years now and the improvement I have in myself is huge. Learning art has helped me see the beauty in loneliness. It's been a great stress buster and also helped in improving my concentration and focus.


Artville training has also given me new experiences which I will carry forward in life. The exposure you get here is very nice, you are not forced to put forward a particular subject but you are allowed to express and put in your thoughts, and imagination to create your own style. I am also very glad to have a small family with the same interests as mine.

Neha Lorraine.png

Neha Lorraine | Student

Artville academy is a space that enhances creative learning. The peaceful ambiance sets the right mood for the perfect flow of thoughts and colors alike. I took up a one year course of painting and sketching. I would definitely do it all over again if I had a chance.

Benjamin Magesh.jpg

Benjamin Magesh | Student

Artville helped me transition from an amateur artist to a professional. The Artist Level Course helped me to master all the media and create realistic artworks.


Today, I am working with clients who love my artworks. Thank you Artville!!