Kalyan S Rathore


Born: in Bangalore, India  1969 July


Design education: National Institute of design short term courses and other workshops in design (1994-97)


Worked :  As a designer and consultant in small scale industries. (1998- 2005)


Freelance artist/Sculptor: 2007 to present 

Personal statement:   


Seeking the key to chaos is in Order. Can this order be harnessed and explained? The answers may lie in nature. Where nature chooses Geometry as a guiding template to render herself. I seek to find the common elements in every form; from an Atom to the Universe. In flora and fauna this seeming waywardness is apparent. On deeper inspection strict mathematical principles seem to govern the recipe for growth, structure and aesthetics. 

Geometry it appears is the solution nature turns to in order to negotiate and resolve the need for resources. The sculptor in me wants to pin down a ‘minimum fundamental form’ that applies itself by replicating and changing at the same time. 

Beginning from Euclidean geometry I have ventured into complex Fractal-iterations. Drawing parallels  to structures in nature and biomimicry.

A parallel endeavor of mine has been  to define and understand seemingly complex notions in the  mathematical world into simple a visual language. In doing so I create art that seeks to wrap our imagination around extreme abstract concepts like infinity, nothingness, the fourth dimension and paradoxes in Quantum physics. 

Although I am not an expert in advanced mathematics or quantum mechanics, I believe that this novice stand point is an advantage rather than a limitation in my context.

It helps me in understanding the ‘lowest denominator’ of the abstract and to represent it as physical form in my work.



The nature of change and the order of repetition - a solo sculpture show: 

Photograph sculpture

Commissioned by Accenture to make a sculpture using

their employee’s portrait photographs.

> Guinness World record for creating the world’s largest Photograph sculpture.

Wall sculpture

A wall sculpture at Bosch Head Quarters (Bangalore, India)  It narrates the past, present and future of the company in India.


An ode to their spirit of diversification and growth. I employ fractal methods to bring about a feature that expresses a storyline. 

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