One who sees the world in his or her own way,  who pursues in their journey to explore their view by rationally confronting the ethical and immortal questions. One's life is set to seek answer by virtue of their deeds. Such is their advent that the world follows spiritually or otherwise to follow their path of focal view, and in such path enjoy the chaotic orderliness, that we call our world. This advent defines one a Genius. 


Genius is a series of wall painting, a public art portraying an anthology of individuals who have changed the way we see and perceive our world. 

Portraits from epochs of by gone time and that of mine.. Faces that have shaped and continues to shape the world we live in.

History of mankind was in different epochs of time.. blended in war and silence and innovations oscillating between violence and the need for peace. Individuals had and have induced a formidable ripple to change the flow of the stream. An ideal of an individual or a radical seed of thought is a resilient parasite, for an idea can transform the world. What now humankind is now is because how humankind was before.

''Revolutions are the locomotives of history''

                                            - Karl Marx 


History is who we are, where we are and why we are. For the only thing history teaches us is that we learn nothing from history. 

In times now it is quite relevant to know our past and be aware or rather seek to learn our faults and teachings of our past that transformed us as humankind.  

The project also relates to a subjective commune or a subjective place in order to build a educative dialogue with the people associated to the place. 

The series along with educating the public, reflects its culture its past in competence with its history and also reflects if necessary the chores of contemporary politics and hence making it interactive as well as informative.  


The purpose of my project is to educate and reflect the times gone by and the epoch in which one lives now.. for as Victor Pinchuk once said.. 

''Art, creativity and freedom will change society faster than politics''   

The Genius Series can be found at different locations in Bangalore City.   

Genius I - Artville Cafe and Academy, Kalyan Nagar 

Genius II - Artville Academy and Residency, Kalyan Nagar 

Genius III - Mount Carmel College, Vasanth Nagar

Genius IV - Artville Academy, Richmond Town  

Artville Academy and Art Cafe

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