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Vineesh Amin

New Media Artist and Designer 

Vineesh Amin was born in 1991, Bangalore, India. In 2013, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts specializing in Sculpture from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. Exploring the nature of form and materiality, he understood material handling by working with various mediums like clay, cotton, wood, stone, metal and created sculptures that retained their natural characteristics. He then began to bridge material and technology to unravel the process of perceived reality formed by Mind + matter + space through a series of installations in his solo show “FORMULA” which was showcased in 2014 at 1.Shantiroad. 

Creating installations that express the process of form through physical Interactivity and movement has been of focal importance throughout his practice. He is inspired by the theory of ‘Observer effect’, where the audience being the observer creates an experience for themselves through their movement in that specific space. In 2015, he revisited the foundation of form and aesthetics in relation to the fundamentals of Design when he joined the master’s course in New Media Design at the National Institute of Design in Gandhinagar, Gujarat which shaped his understanding towards his art practice.  

“Time Machine” a time piece created by him in 2016 bridges a triangular aesthetics between Analog, Digital and Form and tells time through the movement of ferrous particles submerged in water and concealed in a dial. Vineesh’s nature of work lies in the interception of Art, Design and Technology by interacting various mediums and processes with the idea of Time and Space. He works with electronic components and mechanisms to collaborate interactivity and kinetics through material and space. His recent work in 2018 involved a performance by a mechanical machine at Walkin Studios in Bengaluru, which physically draws visually interpreted theories and questions regarding the idea of time and its possible theories of existence.  

Vineesh is currently working on rediscovering the idea of Time through material while specifying it to the surrounding space or body it is subjected to. He believes that time has limitless possibilities of being understood and that it is purely a relative subject of existence.


Recent Artworks