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Shanith M

Artist and Art Facilitator 

Shanith M was born in 1978 in Malabar coast of Kodungallur. He showed keen interest in art and started drawing in the mud at a very young age. When he was around 15 years old, he was very inspired by the works of K. Madhava Menon and was drawn to the field of Visual art. In 2001 he completed his 5 year N.D. F. A in Painting from College Of Fine Arts Thrissur,Kerala,India.

In 2003, he had his first work published in the cover page of Malayalam weekly, Madhyamam. This work gave him a lot of exposure and brought a lot of appreciation for his talent. He started illustrating for magazines and weeklies in his hometown. In 2006 he moved to Bangalore and started working as an illustrator in IDG publications. He had finished almost 300 works for different media under IDG publications. He also started freelancing venturing into the field of animation and comic artist.

Shanith believes that the core strength of his artistic talent is his illustrations that are based on what he sees and what he understands. He is currently experimenting with different techniques to bring life into his digital artworks. He wants to stop the decline of print media and make people aware of the work that goes into making it. The joy of seeing his artworks on the newspaper stands and shops still gives him a feeling of great euphoria.

Group Shows:

2013 ‘Metropolis Twenty 13’ Artville Contemporary, Bangalore

2019’ Mojitoart group show CKP Bangalore

2003-2005 Kerala Lalithkala Akademi State Exhibition

1999 ‘Abreaction’ Group Show College Of Fine Arts, Thrissur, Kerala Camp

1997-1998 Kerala State Wild Life At wayanad -Kerala


Recent Artworks