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Monthly Fees

INR 4000 / USD 60

Full fees (15% OFF)

INR 27000 / USD 375







About the Course

Anatomy Drawing
Freehand sketching, gesture drawing
Figure drawing in 360 degree view
Facial Structure, Facial expressions
Cartoon and caricature
Stylised figure Drawing and Anime
Caricature Drawing

Character Design
Developing a character from a story/script: 4 Classes
Character Props and costume: 3 Classes
Character Poster making: 5 Classes

History of comics and Production Standards
Comic Book Production
Story/ Script / Storyboard and Composition
Perspective Drawing and Structural Drawing (360 degree view)
Penciling and inking
Coloring and Lettering
Cover Art
Post Production and Prepress

Post production Equipments and software requirement:
1. Flatbed scanner A4 or A3
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Adobe indesign


Pencil: HB, 2B, 6B
kneadable Eraser
Mathematical Instrument box
12 inches ruler
Technical Pencil with 2B led
India Ink
Technical Pen Set
Brushes Round and Flat
Acrylic colour
Canson watercolor paper A3
300 gsm and sketching pad A3

What they say about us


Anushree Bhat | Student

I have been going to artville for almost 3 years now and the improvement I have in myself is huge. Learning art has helped me see the beauty in loneliness. It's been a great stress buster and also helped in improving my concentration and focus.


Artville training has also given me new experiences which I will carry forward in life. The exposure you get here is very nice, you are not forced to put forward a particular subject but you are allowed to express and put in your thoughts, and imagination to create your own style. I am also very glad to have a small family with the same interests as mine.


Vinitha Nair | Student

An artist's delight with sunlight streaming in from huge glass windows, a mango tree at the centre of the cafe with tables, chairs, easels and canvases around it and beautiful music wafting around, it is a piece of heaven within the crowded chaos of Bangalore.

This is the best place to be guided into the art world & let my creativity flow freely and translate my visions onto the canvas. I have also been lucky enough to meet many Artists

at Artville


Rekha Ravi Sajit | Parent

My children have been attending this art school for over 5 years , This is a very professionally run art school with brilliant artists as teachers. If you are looking for a serious art school for your child - This is the place .


The courses are properly outlined, adult students and children are trained according to their skill levels and encouraged to do more !

Highly recommend !!!


Highspeed Internet

A good device with good camera

A good headset & mic

Call: 9742020666 / 9620936487

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